Supported Side

볼스크류 지지측 권장 축단 형상 치수



For support unit type FF and EF and BF floated side
Unit: mm
ModelUse Screw shaft diameterDEBFG
FF06, EF06Φ8695.76.80.8
FF10, EF10, BF10Φ12, Φ14, Φ158107.67.90.9
FF12, EF12, BF12Φ14, Φ15, Φ1610119.69.151.15
FF15, EF15, BF15Φ18, Φ20151314.310.151.15
FF17, BF17Φ20, Φ25171616.213.151.15
BF20Φ25, Φ28, Φ3020161913.351.35
FF20, EF20Φ25, Φ28, Φ3020191915.351.35
FF25, BF25Φ30, Φ32, Φ36252023.916.351.35
FF30, BF30Φ36, Φ40302128.617.751.75
BF35Φ40, Φ4535223318.751.75
Bearing use with support unit
Unit: mm
FF06, EF06606 ZZ
FF08, EF08606 ZZ
BF10, FF10, EF10608 ZZ
EF12, FF12, EF126000 ZZ
BF15, FF15, EF15,6002 ZZ
BF17, FF176203 ZZ
BF20, EK20, FK206004 ZZ
BF25, FF256205 ZZ
BF30, FF306206 ZZ
BF356207 ZZ
BF406208 ZZ

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