Compact Slim Type


사각의 형상으로 슬림형에 비해 높이치수가 낮으나 정격하중은 동일한 타입



Unit: mm
ModelDownloadMounting dimensionBlock dimensionsRail dimensionBasic load
rating (kN)
Permissible static
moment (kN•m)
HWLEMounting tap holeL1T±1KGrease fittingW1W2H1FBolt holeGMax length of rail LO
BJMDPT1N1T2N2Q1*Q2dDhCCoMroMpoMyoBlock (kg)Rail (kg/m)
SBI20 CLSFILE284265.24.63232M5543.27.823.44.8124.35M6x0.75ø3.5201116.56069.58.520400019.1270.
SBI20 CLFILE284478.84.63232M5556.87.823.44.8123.85M6x0.75ø3.5201216.56069.58.520400022.238.20.360.330.330.322.2
SBI20 CLLFILE284496.44.63250M5574.47.823.44.8123.85M6x0.75ø3.5201216.56069.58.520400027.9500.470.560.560.412.2
SBI25 CLFILE3348925.53535M6670927.55.4125.45M6x0.75ø3.52312.52060711920400031.552.10.560.560.560.493
SBI25 CLLFILE33481085.53550M6686927.55.4125.45M6x0.75ø3.52312.52060711920400036.764.40.690.840.840.573
  • C (Basic dynamic load rating), Co (Basic static load rating)
  • *S: Bolt size for bottom mounting type of block.
  • *Q2: The hole of side grease nipple is not made to prevent a foreign substance from going into inside.
    When you order the side grease nipple, we build it by ourselves.

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