Roller Flange Type


SBR linear roller rail system is specialized in high rigidity and load with outstanding running smoothness. Widely used in many machine tool applications.


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Unit: mm
ModelDownloadMounting dimensionBlock dimensionsRail dimensionBasic load rating (kN)Permissible static
moment (kN•m)
HWLEMounting tap holeL1T±1KT1AW1W2H1FBolt holeGMax length
of rail LO
BJJ1MDPSDtdDhCCoMtMtoMLMLOBlock (kg)Rail (kg/m)
SBR35 FLFILE48100119.37826252M10121510808417.915.5343332409151719400053.3991.172.190.671.251.76.5
SBR35 FLLFILE48100142.37826252M101215101038417.927343332409151719400072.61361.593.
SBR 45FLFILE60120147.3101008060M12151812101.31050817.64537.54052.5142019254000951842.615.071.532.973.310.7
SBR 45FLLFILE60120179.8101008060M12151812133.81050833.94537.54052.5142019254000119.5242.23.296.672.444.954.310.7
  • C (Basic dynamic load rating), Co (Basic static load rating)
  • Mt (Torsional moment of dynamic load), Mto (Torsional moment of static load)
  • ML(Longitudinal moment of dynamic load), MLo (Longitudinal moment of static load)

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