JIS standards


SBC Precision Rolled Ball Screws feature high reliability, smooth operation and High rigidity without backlash. JIS Standards Precision Rolled Ball screw.

  • High Reliability
  • Smooth Operation
  • High Rigidity without Backlash



Unit: mm
ModelDownloadd1 (Nominal diameter)Ph (Lead)do (Ball circle diameter)Da (Ball diameter)d2 (Root-diameter)i (No. of circuits)D1D2 (PCD)D3D4D5DPD6D7LL1L2L3Ca (kN)Coa (kN)Max. Length
MBS 0601FILE616.30.85.53x11321.5273.4----153.511.5170.711.18900
MBS 0801FILE818.20.87.44x11624303.4----16412180.951.911200
MBS 0802FILE828.41.27.23x11624303.4----16412181.131.871200
MBS 0802.5FILE82.
MBS 1204FILE12412.42.381103.5x12839485.5----30624304.167.231400
MBS 1205FILE12512.4210.43.5x12839485.5----35629306.4910.151400
MBS 1210FILE1210122102x13040454.584.550M6x1401030322.53.593000
  • Ca (Basic Dynamic load rating), Coa (Basic static load rating)
  • MBS0601~1205 do not contain a seal. It is necessary to use a dust-prevention device.

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