Anti-Rust Treatment

Raydent Treatment

For corrosion resistance, raydent surface treatment is available. The treatment can be applied to all Linear guide system.

2 types of surface treatment are available for anti-rust and appearance.

AR-H : Black chrome coating

Since black chrome coating is penetrating to rail and block, so it achieves higher corrosion resistance.

AR-2F : Fluorocarbon chrome coationg

Fluorocarbon chrome coating on black chrome coating is suitable when high corrosion resistance is required. (water or salty water working condition)

Dust Protection


For the best protection of the linear rail system, bellows should be used.

We recommended to use additional Telescopic tool, if you use it in dust environment.

Reference : SBI Type : SH-A

High Temperature Design

HT End-Plate

If working temperature is more than 80°C, SBC supply the high temperature end-plate which is made of aluminum.
Recommended working temperature : -30 ~ 150°C

When High Temperature end-plate is applied to a block, the product will be released without all plastic components (end-plate, end-seal, bottom seal, return tube plate) Please set up addtional measures to prevent dust.

Dust Protection

ST Dustproof Tape

Stainless steel ST dustproof tape greatly improves rail face sealing and works in conjunction with guide block seals.

Conventional plastic plugs do not offer the same improved sealing performance.

If you use ST tape and RC cap together, it would be more effective.

Dust Protection for Microscopic Dust

High Dustproof Seal : DF Seal

High-density felt built in DF container wipes the raceway tracking profile so it achieves higher dust protection.

An additional seal or scraper may be added for highly contaminated applications.

SymbolComponents and Order of assembly
DFEnd Plate + End Seal + DF
DFDDEnd Plate + End Seal + End Seal + DF
DFZZEnd Plate + End Seal + DF + Scraper
DFKKEnd Plate + End Seal + End Seal + DF + Scraper
Self Lubricating for Long Maintenance Intervals

Self Lubricant : MF Container

MF (Self lubricanting) contains grease impregnated felt which feeds the grease on the raceway continuously.

Each compact seal kit will guarantee total surface lubrication and long maintenance free bearing life.

If MF container is required to use in special working condition like clean room, please contact SBC.

SymbolComponents and Order of assembly
MFEnd Plate + MF + End Seal
MFDDEnd Plate + MF + End Seal + End Seal
MFZZEnd Plate + MF + End Seal + Scraper
MFKKEnd Plate + MF + End Seal + End Seal + Scraper

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