• Linear Rail System

    Circular-Arc raceway structure achieves the high rigidity and large permissible load.
    Four row circular arc groove with 2 points contact creates the same load in all directions.
    DF structure maintains low instrumental errors.

  • Ball Screw

    A ball screw achieves high efficiency even if driving torque is
    low because balls roll between the screw shaft and ball nut to obtain a lower
    coefficient of friction than a leadscrew.

  • Support Unit

  • Linear Bushings

    Linear Bushing systems are a combination of a Ball Bushing (s) and LM shaft to perform
    infinite straight motion guiding. The permissible load rating of bushing systems are not
    as great as SBC profiled rail systems however they are a good, lower cost alternative where
    precise linear guidance is desired in light load applications.

  • Cross Roller Guide

    SBC cross roller guides are mechanical bearings where a roller cage is assembled between two rails
    with “V” grooved raceway. Since the rollers are incorporated at right angles to each other, they can
    carry loads in all directions to create a highly rigid, high precision, compact linear motion guide.

  • Robot Carrier Guide

    SBC Robot Carrier Guide System uses a flat rack rail that easily mounts to guide and
    drive system. Our exclusive 3 cam roller carriage design allows for high load
    and accuracy at high travel speeds.


SDK SBC Precision Rolled Ball Screw follows ...

SDH SBC Precision Rolled Ball Screw follows ...

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